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Running the red the Chinese way

Every day, we can see the familiar scene that some passers-by run a red light in the street. Maybe they will be so late for work that they have to run a red light so as to save time, or they want to get home quickly in order to see their lovely children and his or her beloved wife or husband. Anyway I think that the behave itself is wrong. After all, they have already violated the traffic rules. Sometimes I want to know why this situation always happen in China, However it rarely happen in the West. I hold the fundamental reason for this phenomenon is that Chinese people’ herd mentality and bystander effect.

Why does the herd mentality appear? The role of human demonstration and imitation may be the culprit ..In life, we often encounter such a situation when someone is doing something that is wrong, and we will also create such a misconception that other people can do it,, and nobody criticize the conduct, so we can also do it like that.. Once the spread of this mentality ,it will form a Bandwagon effect. After the formation of such a bandwagon effect, it will cause great harm to society. To begin with, the deed violates the law and ethics, and undermines the normal order of social life. If people continue to do so, laws and regulations will not work.. The dignity of the country will cease to exist, and the concept of legal society will also become a dead letter. What’s more, the behavior may also endanger the lives of their own . It is

known that most of accidents are caused by non-compliance with traffic rules. But many people still take chances that these things will not happen to them.. However, at the same time, we should keep in mind the old saying that there is no regret drugs sold in the world.. All in all ,please comply with the traffic rules in order to ensure the safety of your life. Since this phenomenon has already exists, then we should take some effectives measures to put an end to this phenomenon. On the one hand , a nation-wide campaign should be launched so as to make people realize the importance of obeying the rules of Traffic. On the other hand ,corresponding laws and regulations should be set up to publish those who misbehave .Only in this way, the herd mentality can be eliminated fundamentally.

Another reason for this phenomenon is that the bystanders do nothing about it, which is what we called the bystander effect. Why does this exist, I think it may have a great relationship with our tradition. Admittedly, since ancient times, we ,Chinese people, have developed the habit of joining in the fun. If they are only out of curiosity to watch, the action itself can be understandable. However, the purpose that some people watch is not to stop the kind of behavior ,but only pleasure themselves .Take running the red light for example, if some people can encourage those who run a red light , instead thinking that his life has nothing to do with me . Bystander inaction can lead to apathy among

people. If this phenomenon is not well eliminated. It

Will have a negative social impact. It may make the whole social atmosphere become worse, and there will not be trust among people, only to find selfishness and indifferent left . It also contradicts the idea of harmonious society that we have been advocating. Since the question arises, then we should think of ways to solve it.. To begin with, a nationwide activity of mutual help and love should be carried out. Only in this way, will people radically change their thought., and will our society become more and more harmonious.

In the West, the situation that people run a red light rarely see. Why ? Maybe there exists difference between Chinese and Western cultures. But I think the most important thing is that the

Concept is different .In the West, the schools carry out educational activities related to traffic rules. Parents often give children guidance in this aspect. Countries have also introduced a number of laws and regulations to severely punish those who violate traffic rules. In China, the schools lack the relevant publicity. The country give lighter punishment to those who violate the traffic rules.

I think the cause of this phenomenon can be stated as follows; At fist, ideological propaganda is not in place. Second, Penalty of the law in this aspect is not enough. So I deem our country should enhance the efforts of propaganda. In addition to that, our nation should increase the intensity of

the penalty. As for us , what can we do ? I hold that we should start from the side of the little things. start from ourselves so as to develop a good habit of law-abiding. I believe only in multi-pipes , can we solve this problem fundamentally.

In all ,Count-measures must be implemented immediately ,and only in this way, can the situation be eliminated .Besides, I think that since the problem has emerged, we should find a solution to the problem. The phenomenon of running the red light reflects the bad side of our country’s tradition and culture. A country’s tradition and culture is formed by accumulation of habit. Therefore , we only have to change the bad habits and develop the good habits. Over time, we will be able to form a fine tradition and custom. Finally, our society will be show a positive atmosphere.


药学院药理学14级研究生 刘欢 学号Y1413070605

In the process of urban development in china,more and more people tend to purchase car.World Bank transportation specialist Shomik Mendhiratta says a car is something people in any society would aspire to own.There comes a question,is it a blessing or a curse?

The issue whether it is good or not to buy cars has aroused a heated discussion all over the country.Many people claim that possess a Automobile has proved to bring many advantages .Alice Wu is an editor at a Chinese Internet publication,she is certain she can cut her commute time if she drives herself than take the subway.Zhang says it is very difficult to get a train ticket to return home for Chinese New Year.She add that she will want to take her infant son to home by her own car anytime she wanted to.However,there are some of people who hold a different argument concerning this case.For decades,most Chinese city residents got out by trains or public buses.Now in many areas,the number of new cars is growing faster than the road system,leaving city streets jammed with traffic.It's quite often that people are late for work or school thanks to the traffic congestion.The traffic jam will possibly disturb these emergency personnel to go to their destination urgently.It is said by transportation apartment ,more serious is the number of traffic accident that occur on the city road is increased years by years .Nowadays,many city have be puzzled by fog and haze.Excessive vehicles exhaust is one of the important factors to produce lots of pm2.5 which pollute the environment severely. Scores of people with poor resistance to disease are attacked by virus and bacteria in atmosphere.A cab driver says that the thick toxic dust also reduce the visibility which further slower the traffic moving.

All in all,I would say the disadvantages outweight the advantages.What superabundant private cars bring us is more drawbacks but conveniences.And the threat of vehicle exhaust today may be life-threatening tomorrow. Environmental experts point out that increasing polluting gas only causes serious problems such as global warming but also could threaten to end human life on our planet.There is no denying the fact that too many private vehicles is an extremely imperative problem: the city authorities should take strong measures to deal with it. With the advance of society ,if we could balance the merits and drawbacks,all people will enjoy a better life.While,how to resolve the pollution problem and what we can implement to improve the dilemma result from the overmuch cars?Different people have different responsibilities.

In consideration of the traffic challenge produced by too many people buying cars,not only the government but also all the citizens should make an effort to remit the predicament.In my opinion,it is high time for the whole people to redu(本文来自:WWw.DXF5.com 东 星 资 源 网:英语作文大全1000字)ce the private cars using.In view of such serious situation,environmental tools of transportation like bicycle are more important than any time before.Using bicycle contributes greatly to people’s physical fitness as well as easing traffic congestion.Although many people claim that,along with the rapidly economic development,the number of people who use bicycle are decreasing and bicycle is bound to die out.The informationg I’ve collected over the recent years leads me to believe that bicycle will continue to play

extremely important roles in modern society.Government also need to apply attractive measures to draw citizens to adopt means of public transportation such as the bus,taxi and the subway,for instance,to bring down prices and improve relevant facilities.The case in point is more and more roads are being built,the subways have been put into use extensively.What’s more ,the relevant regulations should be promulgate by government ,for example,odd-and-even license plate rules.Besides,transportation agency should improving city traffic system and the working efficiency of the police to deal with the traffic accident and so on.What the most important is everyone must obey the traffic rules to ensure all the traffic in order.The existing solutions to traffic jam mainly aims at creating metro bus systems and broadening major roads. Widening the existing roads can solve traffic snarls on some level.Using zebra line bridge and half an underground garage channel to replace the pedestrian overpass and tunnel. The viable step for us should be to fundamentally change lifestyles to that car is no longer part and parcel of every day life.Soaring cars ownership compounds the chronic annoying problem,so we must sharply reduce the heavy reliance on cars and drive a shift to the mass transportation.Or we can choose carpooling which is a cheap and good way.The effective combination of these solutions will enable the urban areas to possess a smooth traffic.

In a word,purchasing private cars is not worthy of encouraging.If everyone takes some action ,we will enjoy the convenient transportation in someday.



The Differences of Education between China and U.S

Based on checking the extensive literature and summing up the evidence, it is clear that study about the differences of higher education between China and US has carried out a lot which mainly explains the differences from

various aspects of higher education between China and the United States. Such aspect mainly includes the social environment and cultural tradition, higher education system and reform measures. In the Integration of these

differences, advantages and evils of both educational systems have been evaluated respectively, and corresponding improvement measures were also put forwards. By summary, the detailed conclusions are listed as follows:

US is a open society. The society's openness urges the American college to abandon old educational thoughts which European traditional universities stick to, adopt the open policy to absorb all advantages from other

countries and established a diverse and open education control system which emphasizes on the actual effect. US is the biggest immigrant country which has very strong containing nature in the culture. American economy emphasizes on the practical value, matter rewards as well as individual value realization with fast development, rich material life, strong material idea and etc.

Use’s higher education was considered as the best education in the world. Comparing the elementary education between American and China, people's universal view will be: China's elementary education aims to build the

foundation of education with more study and less thought; while US's education aims to build such an education to raise the creativity with less study and more thought. Now Chinese students are generally regarded as inhalants with few intelligence and high scores. What causes for such a view? Because the Chinese students study more, actually pay little attention to the practice, and cannot study for the purpose of application. Therefore, it is very important for Chinese higher education to cultivate the idea of unifying the study and practice.

US's education pays more attention to raise student's self-confidence, independence, spirit of supporting oneself, but China's education emphases on training the students to be strict, rigorous spiritual .Obviously, Chinese

education may fruitfully develop and utilize the function of cerebrum, but US’s higher education could expand the function of cerebrum by utilizing and synthesizing the information outside.

Each national higher education as economic system’s reflection serves for the economy; US education aims to adapt for society demand, they explicitly stipulate three big functions including education’s service for the

economic development, scientific research and teaching. The manifest of service in the establishment of specialty curriculum is to meet the social need, set up special curriculum and specialty which the society needs; In China's universities, during quite long period of time, the establishment of specialty curriculum lacks the change and could not follow social demand.

In order to adapt the society, the American universities has established many specialties and curriculum of choice for students; The students choose or transform specialties and schools according to own interest and hobby. The American higher education system is extremely diverse and flexible, which is solo in the world higher education; In China, the student may choose the specialty according to own interest and hobby, but change of specialty in the school is not easy, and transformation of school is more difficult.

When American school inspects the result of student, they emphasize more on the ability to analyze and solve the question but not the ability of memory or description. The American students do not need the mechanical

memorizing, but display creative thought as far as possible; This can cultivate student's study interest, raise the ability of doing it by themselves and make the study be one kind of creative action. Many teachers still adopted old teaching ways in the Chinese universities, thus take a test which needs mechanical memorizing.

Due to the development of science and technology, connections between higher education and national politics, economy, science, culture, military relation is day by day closer. The higher education is vigorous and upward, and it not only simply performances for the growth of quantity, but especially has had the huge change in the nature. The advanced level of higher education has become the symbol of national strength.

We should clarify the difference of higher education between China and American; at the same time absorb the advantages to profit from the American higher education so as to faster the reform and the development of our higher education.

Higher Education in America

There is evidence that even incomplete university study gives a person better career prospects than none at all. So, it is accepted that the benefits of a university career are useful.All this effort in America’s higher education is very expensive. Some of the costs come from fees and benefactions, particularly towards research, but most have to be paid from public funds. Parents favor big expenditures on higher education; a wider public opinion favors them for idealistic and cultural reasons, and because of the supposed value of education as an investment by society.

The first universities were developed by private charitable organizations. The private universities are still very important, and most of the best-known institutions, like Harvard, Yale and Princeton, are private.

Most of the principal state universities have between 10, 000 and 30, 000 students, and some have increased rapidly in the past few years. Private universities and colleges are generally smaller, and although they are more numerous than public institutions they have a smaller total number of students than those in public institutions. The private colleges vary very much in standards and reputation, from the world-famous and select to the cranky and the obscure①. The best known of all is Harvard.

There are also many junior colleges to which students may be admitted at the end of their high school career, providing only the first two years of university work.

For the most part Americans think that there’s some advantage in attending one of the better-known private institutions, in spite of the higher cost, rather than a state university. However, testate universities are becoming increasingly important, and some of them, particularly in the Midwest have a reputation practically equal to that of the private ones. Almost every state by now has several university institutions directly under the authority of the state government. 308 words www.joozone.com


Education System in China

In China, children begin to go to school at the age of seven. It takes six years for them to finish primary school. In this stage, they are taught elementary knowledge in language and science, which lays the foundation for

their further education.

After primary school, they go to junior middle school without having to pass any exams. Education at this levol is compvlsory. It lasts for three years, during which the children learn basie Chinese English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

When the junior middle school education comes to an end, the students are screened by exams in two ways. those who expect to go to college may choose to enter senior middle school and those who want to work attend professional schools, The senior middle school education takes 3 years and the professional school 2 to 3 years.

The senior middle school graduates have to take competitive exams before they enter college. The college education lasts 4 to 6 years. For a bachelor degree, students take the four year course and pass the defense of thier theses. The master degree students have another two years of study and research work and are given their degree after the defense of their theses.

Such is the education system in China.

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